In mid-April, Kelley, Sandy (her mom), and I had the opportunity to explore the charms of Amsterdam. Kelley was traveling with Sandy earlier in the week in Paris, another amazing European capital! After walking hundreds of thousands of steps through the Parisian streets they hopped on a train to Amsterdam where I met them on a warm Wednesday night. Amsterdam was founded in the 13th century as a small fishing village developing around a dam along the Amstel river. Beginning in the 14th century the city developed quickly and the golden age of Amsterdam was in the 16th and 17th centuries when it was the world’s richest city. Today Amsterdam looks much like it did during the golden age with its ubiquitous canals, townhomes topped with gilded gables, tulips, hipsters, coffee shops, and lots of bikes. Okay perhaps the last few are modern inventions. We were all taken by its charms and laid back energy, making it one of our favorite European capitals yet!

Kelley and Sandy were pretty museum-ed out, so we opted out of seeing many of the fine museums in the city, instead we decided to experience the city by exploring its labyrinths on our own two feet, trying to avoid the throngs of bikes coming from seemingly all directions, and via boat with Those Dam Boat Guys.

Netherlands Blog-25

Netherlands Blog-23
Lots of two wheeled moving objects!

Netherlands Blog-24

Netherlands Blog-16
The thinnest house in Amsterdam! During the Golden Age, houses were taxes based on the width of the house on the street. As a result, builders were incentivised to make tall skinny houses with narrow stairs and the upper stories would typically project out onto the street to maximize living space.
Netherlands Blog-14
Most houses also have hooks at the top to get larger pieces of furniture in the higher levels.
Netherlands Blog-18
Lots of unique house boats where you are not sure where the ground ends and the boat begins

Netherlands Blog-19

Netherlands Blog-20
So many boats!
Netherlands Blog-21
And more boats!

Netherlands Blog-26

Netherlands Blog-27
Amsterdam had a nice market called Foodhallen with over 20 different eateries with excellent food and ambiance

Another highlight were the food markets around the Joordan neighbourhood, which were recommend by some friends that lived in Amsterdam for a couple of years. They did not disappoint! Kelley and I were quite hungry as we were browsing the stalls and inevitable got a little carried away with our food purchases and it was delicious!

Netherlands Blog-2
So good!

Some other highlights where we lack photographic evidence (so I guess it does not count) were the following:

  • Anne Frank House – It has been quite some time since I read the diary and I recollected the general gist but could not recall the specifics. The museum helped bring the tragic story to life. Be sure to book ahead!
  • Red Light district – Amsterdam is a place of contrasts and what better place to exemplify this then in the Red Light district where you can have any sort of sexual experiences.
  • The Pancake Bakery – Amazing traditional Dutch pancakes!
  • Winkel 43 – Equally amazing apple pie!

Netherlands Blog-15

What about the tulips???!!! To see the famous tulips we took a bus to Keukenhof, which was incredible! We provided countless collective flower-gasms throughout the day!

Netherlands Blog-37Netherlands Blog-30Netherlands Blog-36Netherlands Blog-34Netherlands Blog-35Netherlands Blog-41Netherlands Blog-42Netherlands Blog-43Netherlands Blog-46Netherlands Blog-60Netherlands Blog-58Netherlands Blog-57Netherlands Blog-56Netherlands Blog-55Netherlands Blog-47Netherlands Blog-50Netherlands Blog-54Netherlands Blog-28Netherlands Blog-31Netherlands Blog-32Netherlands Blog-33Netherlands Blog-59Netherlands Blog-61 And Kelley subjected me to several cheesy photos…

Netherlands Blog-51Netherlands Blog-53Netherlands Blog-40

Sandy was a much more willing participant 🙂

Netherlands Blog-52Netherlands Blog-39Netherlands Blog-45Netherlands Blog-38

We had a great time together and look forward to many more adventures to come! #coolestMILever #bestsoninlawever #onlysoninlaw #stillthebest #happywifehappylife

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