Baby Sheep!

OMG! It’s spring again and you know what that means – BABY SHEEP SEASON! #besttimeoftheyear…but before we get to the fun part….what would a Chasing Davis blog be without some facts and figures?

According to the Ireland National Sheep and Goat census (yes there is such a thing) there were 3,581,818 sheep in 34,549 flocks in 2014, so even though sheep seem to be everywhere in Ireland there is not even one sheep per person. Compared that to New Zealand, where there used to be 20 sheep for every human, now there are 7 sheep for every human or 30 million sheep! But that’s not even the most in the world, which according to Wikipedia is as follows:

 Rank Country Number of Sheep % of World Total
1 China 187,000,000 15.9%
2 India 75,000,000 6.4%
3 Australia 74,721,551 6.3%
4 Sudan 52,500,000 4.4%
5 Iran 48,750,000 4.1%

That’s a lot of baby sheep (and braised lamb rump, which Kelley tried for the first time recently (Kelley: begrudgingly….I cannot bring myself to eat this little guys!)).

Anyways, you’ve made it through the boring part, here are the pictures!

Baby Sheep-1Baby Sheep-2

Baby Sheep-3
(Kelley:  Matt can expect to add at least 15-20 minutes to any drive during this time of year to allow for a few quick stops at the fields with babies frolicking!)

Baby Sheep-4


Baby Sheep-5
Look at me frolic through this lovely grass!

Baby Sheep-6Baby Sheep-7Baby Sheep-8

Baby Sheep-9
I think he’s smiling….

Baby Sheep-10


Baby Sheep-13
We did not ask Mama Sheep for photographic permission – she’s wasn’t too sure about us!
Baby Sheep-16
Perhaps a good album cover for a traveling sheep band……

Baby Sheep-21


Baby Sheep-22
I’m so cute, its exhausting!
Baby Sheep-23
Stop staring!
Baby Sheep-24
Ocean-front grazing, yes please!
Baby Sheep-25
(Kelley: I can’t pass a field of baby sheep without stopping!)
Baby Sheep-19
(Kelley: I voted this guy cutest baby sheep of the year!  From his nubby little horns to his speckled legs….UGH! I can’t get enough!)
Baby Sheep-18
Work It!

Baby Sheep-17

This special time doesn’t last long but we’re happy to have gotten to see it one more time!

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