Pawtalk with Franklin

Failte! That’s “Welcome” in Gallic! It has been a while since I made a guest appearance on the blog and a lot has happened since the Spring of 2016 in Tel Aviv… the biggest difference is that my wander-lusting parents moved us to Galway, Ireland where it rains…. a lot… based on my paw count it has rained over 250 days in the last year – meowikes!
In Tel Aviv we lived in this wonderful apartment that had floor to ceiling windows that allowed me to bask in the warm sunshine all day. In Ireland, I am lucky to get a sliver of sunshine for a few minutes once a week but when the suns out my paws are out!

Franklin Blog-102
My new house does have some great window ledges for me to nap on!
Franklin Blog-100
oh sweet nectar of the sun showering my majestic coat
Franklin Blog-106
I saw the sun today!…..I didn’t want to blink in fear of missing it…now my face is stuck like this

There is no typical day in the life of Franklin Bacon Colditz Davis as my parents routinely leave me for seemingly endless lengths of time but I will give you some of the highlights… Around 0530 I begin my wake-up songs for dad so he can get ready for work. More importantly, I use this opportunity to crawl in bed for some uninterrupted cuddling with mom – she’s the best (most of the time, no, what am I saying?! She is always the best)!

Franklin Blog-100
Dad! Get outta bed so I can lay in your warm spot next to mom!

Well… mom’s one fault is that she was gifted some clothes for me – yuck! I like to be free, naked, and unencumbered by man-made garments. That being said they do keep me nice and toasty but boy are they hard to walk in.

Franklin Blog-101
so embarrassing…..
Franklin Blog-118
Oh! I do look a bit sporty in my Catagonia puffy!
Franklin Blog-121
I am still not so sure about this Dad!

Ok, back to my day…….After the cuddle session with mom, she wakes up, brews some coffee, makes a bowl of yogurt and granola, and then we watch a few shows together. My favs from this year have been re-watching pretty much every Friends episode since the beginning of time, it seems to be on one of the TV channels here 24/7 (Pheobe is my favourite), Season 4 of Grace and Frankie (I love Frankie!), Suits, ALL of Downton Abby……OH! and BBC’s Spring Watch. Spring Watch is the best! The BBC commentators park themselves in a nature area in the UK for 1 month and then film the wildlife (BIRDS!!) as they emerges from its winter slumber.

After our breakfast session, mom usually begins to work on projects around the house and I try to stop her with the power of my cuteness. However this does not always word….who are we kidding, it ALWAY works!

Franklin Blog-103
This limits her effectiveness to one-handed work
Franklin Blog-119
This one renders her completely useless and inevitably leads to a tummy rub!  I mean, honestly, could you resist my white chinny-chin-chin?!
Franklin Blog-126
Sometimes I pretend this is a field of flowers and the sun is shining on me….drool…..
Franklin Blog-120
Another position I use when I’m feeling a bit desperate for attention….works every time!  I park myself right on mom’s legs on the couch….she’d never dream of disturbing such a cute kitty!  I added the tail-wrap under my chin this year, highly recommended!

SOMETIMES my mom leaves the house – she says she’s going to hang out with children…I hear this type of human can be loud and unpredictable…..I think its just her way of making me feel less sad that I can’t come along and be with her ALL THE TIME.  But the upside is that she will usually hide ALL my toys around the apartment!!  I try to look like I don’t care….but BOY do I LOVE it!!  Once I hear the door close, I set out to hunt all the toys and bring them back to my food dish and stage a massive massacre.

Franklin Blog-128
Thats “Green Monster” – my grandmeow gave it to me as a kitten, it’s one of my favorites!
Franklin Blog-123
On the prowl!
Franklin Blog 02-1
Success!  As you can see, I’ve drown 2 mice and a pink thing while leaving the Green Monster to die mercilessly in the food dish while the other victims gasp for life just outside reach.

After exhausting myself savagely hunting my toys throughout the house, I sit in the front window and peer out over my kingdom. I have a great view from the second floor and enjoy watching everyone flood into the pubs and couples going for a romantic night out at Aniar, a swanky restaurant across the street. A lot of the food is foraged (as if thats hard….they should see my hunting skills!) and it costs 170 Euro per person. That’s a lot of cat toys and treats!  Sometimes I watch with my parents and we create stories about the people dining at the table by the window…..

Franklin Blog 02-3
I can’t watch when the check arrives…..
Franklin Blog 02-4
This window looks out over an ally – not many people but lots of sea birds!  Unfortunately my mom can’t figure out how to get that cloudy stuff out from between the glass.

In the evenings, I enjoy playing string with my parents – my favorite past time. The string is my kryptonite – I cannot resist it and it drives me mad!  It can turn even the most dreary day around or even make me like new people!  String is the secret to my heart……

Franklin Blog-124
I’m so fierce!

Franklin Blog-125

My parents don’t tell me anything but I have heard murmurings that we are moving back to California in the Summer! I checked out Catinder (Tinder for cats) and there are some fine looking felines in the hood and who could resist this face…

Franklin Blog-102
#single #worldtraveler #ilovetocuddle #readytosettledown … #swiperight
Franklin Blog-111

Also, I am excited for the day when I don’t have to sit in front of this radiator to stay warm!

Franklin Blog 02-2
WHY is it SO cold?!?

Well, I’d say that pretty much sums up my life these days.  Thanks for reading!

Franklin Blog-115
save me…….

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  1. Bob says:

    Oh Franklin, what a life you lead! I can understand you missing the sun, but I have heard the same rumors about moving back to CA. Be careful with Catinder, I have heard some crazy stories! Hope you get some sun soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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