Fall into Galway


Fall and Winter have been a bit dark and dreary here in Galway but we’re trying to make the most of it!  Thankfully Galway is so stinking cute, we can’t help ourselves but get out and enjoy the weather woes together!

One of the biggest events of the year was the Macnas Halloween Parade. Macnas is a theatrical troop based in Galway and creates amazing spectacles all over the world. If I were a kid the parade would have scared me….heck, it was a little scary as an adult!  This was by far the busiest event we’ve seen all year!  The weather was agreeable and the streets were PACKED with spectators!

Galway Fall Post-100Galway Fall Post-101Galway Fall Post-102Galway Fall Post-104Galway Fall Post-105Galway Fall Post-106Galway Fall Post-107Galway Fall Post-108Galway Fall Post-109Galway Fall Post-110Galway Fall Post-111Galway Fall Post-113Galway Fall Post-114

Another big “To Do” this fall was the Galway Christmas Market. The whole town was decorated for Christmas with a large quantity of twinkle lights, wreaths, and other festive trinkets. The market itself was a bit underwhelming but the decorations were festive and it was fun to get in the spirit and do some night photography.

Galway Fall Post-118Galway Fall Post-119Galway Fall Post-120Galway Fall Post-121Galway Fall Post-122Galway Fall Post-123

Finally, we finished off the year with a freak snow storm in early December! There was not much accumulation but it was sticking to the ground a bit and our poorly insulated apartment was quite chilly.

Galway Snow-100Galway Snow-101Galway Snow-102Galway Snow-103

Needless to say, we are beyond excited to be on the up-side of the winter solstice and look forward to slowly adding more light to the day!….we’re pretty sure we remember seeing the sun when we moved here in March, so hopefully thats on the horizon as well!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bob says:

    Once again, great pics, and love living vicariously through your adventures. Was great to see you guys


  2. connie mcalister says:

    I love seeing your pictures and descriptions.


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