The Dingle Way

Okay, we are still playing some serious catch-up here!  Rewind back in April, and you’ll find us down on the Dingle Peninsula to do a portion of “The Dingle Way Walking Trail“.  The whole loop is about 180 km and takes 8-9 days, however, we only had a weekend so we opted to do 2 of the coastal portions around the tip of the peninsula.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 11.27.42

We drove to Dingle on Friday night and stayed at the outstanding Tower View B&B.  The accommodations were outstanding, breakfast was delish, and they had pygmy goats and BABY SHEEP (tired of hearing about the baby sheep yet?!  Not posssssible!)!  In the evening, we enjoyed a lovely walk into Dingle for some pubs and trad music.  In the morning, I got to pet the baby sheep!

Knowing we had some serious ground to cover was the only thing that pulled me away from those fuzzy suckers!  To start our walk, we needed to get to the town of Feohanagh (Fee-oh-na) and our rock-star B&B owner graciously gave us a lift!

Our plan for the day was to walk from Feohanagh to Dunquin.  The stretch is about 13 miles and follows along the coast for the majority of the day.  We were beyond lucky with the weather and enjoy the most beautiful blue skies and beaches the whole way.

Dingle Way-4889Dingle Way-4898Dingle Way-4950Dingle Way-4978Dingle Way-4984Dingle Way-4991Dingle Way-5015Dingle Way-5016Dingle Way-5025Dingle Way-5064Dingle Way-5070Dingle Way-5071Dingle Way-5089

Dingle Way-4896
Little would you know, I couldn’t get myself off this spit without a little freak out that I was certainly going to slip and fall to my death…….from this angle I can perhaps understand why Matt reassured I was OKAY……..

We spent the night at Dún Chaoin Youth Hostel in Dunquin.  It was a little early in the “walking season” so most of the accommodations and restaurants were closed, luckily one pub was still open for us to enjoy our walking reward of a large pint.

Dingle Way-5095

The next morning, we set off after a light “breakfast” (granola bars) with out eyes and stomachs set on the goal of a scone in a town about an hours walk away.  It was a bit cloudier but still decent weather for walking.  We set off and after about an hour started looking around for this magical scone shop.  We passed what we thought would be the spot but it was all closed up – but we saw scones through the window – such a tease.  So we walked a bit further down the road and found Slea Head Farm.  The little house served as a B&B for several years and just recently transitioned to being a cafe….bottom line, we were still going to get something yummy in our tummies!  And just to our luck, there were fresh scones slated to come out of the oven any minute!!  They were so warm and delicious we stuck around for the second batch too 🙂

Dingle Way-5153 So back to walking.  Our path for the day was from Dunquin to Dingle, about 9 miles.  It took us mostly along the coast with a portion rising up a little and along some pastures to avoid the less-fun option of road walking.

Dingle Way-5172Dingle Way-5207Dingle Way-5236Dingle Way-5238Dingle Way-5250Dingle Way-5257

Dingle Way-5133
They’re growing up so fast!

We eventually found our way back to Dingle…..partook in our first Murphy’s Ice Cream experience (yum!)…..and made our way back up to Galway.

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