Chasing Davis Adventures – Where can WE take YOU?!

Attention Family and Friends!

Did you know that Chasing Davis Adventures is offering EXCITING, ACTION PACKED, and VERY TIRING adventure tours in locations all over the world!

We pride ourselves on building the MOST exciting vacation you’ve EVER had!

With Packages starting AS LOW as $30/day*, our guides go to great lengths to immerse you in ALL the sights, sounds, and smells of your travel destination.

From our current headquarters in Israel, recent participants had the privilege of ….

……seeing REALLY old and/or REALLY holy places!


……receiving therapeutic spa treatments from 100% raw, organic, vegan, gluten free, natural sources!

chasing davis-8483

…..taking a hike in 100+ degree heat!

…..enjoying AMAZING food and drinks EVERYDAY, ALL DAY!!

….walking A LOT…….E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y!!


…receiving complementary, one-of-a-kind souvenirs!!


You’re probably thinking, “WOW!  Where has Chasing Davis Adventures been all my life?!”

In a recent survey of real-life Chasing Davis participants**,

  • 100% of participants rated their experience 5/5 Stars
  • 100% of participants rated their tour guides 5/5 Hearts
  • 80% of participants are EXTREMELY likely to choose a Chasing Davis Adventure again….(I guess you can’t please EVERYONE…..especially doctors……)


MORE real life feedback from real life participants….

“We felt like we really got our moneys worth, making the most of each day. Most of the other travel groups we saw, finished up their days early and finished at sites LONG before we did. We got to stay longer and see MORE!” – Anonymous mother

“Amazing, relaxing, and supercalifragilistic?????? – Anonymous mother

“Matt Davis is an excellent tour guide with lots of knowledge. Kelley is great too but sometimes all she says is here’s some really old stuff… perhaps she could tell me what that old stuff is next time…” – The anonymous doctor who is also “not at all likely” to choose Chasing Davis Adventures again…..*crickets*….

Now …if you’re still actually reading this…’re probably kicking yourself for not taking advantage of this AMAZING opportunity sooner….its okay….we understand…..but yeah, you really did miss out….  BUT all is not lost…..!!!

Lucky for you – Chasing Davis Adventures is excited to announce it will have a NEW HEADQUARTERS for 2017 – Galway, Ireland!


We’re currently accepting reservations for Spring and Summer 2017.

Book NOW and receive….

  • A welcome drink…..or two….in an authentic Irish Pub
  • Complementary, destination specific, Chasing Davis Adventures souvenirs for ALL participants


  • 2 FREE tour-guides, 110% dedicated to your enjoyment and comfort for your entire adventure!


  • Complementary goodnight hugs….every night!


  • And much much more!

Contact us TODAY to see where Chasing Davis Adventures can take YOU!

(this IS a joke….kinda….we’re not actually REAL tour guides…..but we are actually moving to Ireland and we would LOVE to have you visit!)

*less if you only want to eat PB&J and drink water……which is boring….


3 Comments Add yours

  1. edavis1951 says:

    You two do know how to show all your fans a good time and Papa and I are looking forward to sharing an equally amazing adventure with “Chasing Davis Adventures” in Galway!!!!


  2. Nicole Palatinus says:

    Yes! I love you guys.


  3. Bob says:

    You guys are amazing! Was gonna request a tour of Hungary or Prague, heard the scenery is pretty hot😜. Guess we’ll have to settle for seeing you in So Cal, can’t wait 🌴


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