Israel Beaches


Over the last few weekends Kelley and I explored some new beaches in Israel. The first one was Hof HaBonim, which came highly recommended and is apparently one of Israel’s best kept secrets. The HaBonim Beach is a protected nature reserve and over the centuries has been sculpted by wind and waves creating an undulating coast line with many different coves, beaches, reefs, and even a ship wreck! The best part is that you can camp pretty much anywhere on the beach!


It was wall to wall tents and families on the main beaches.
Kelley enjoying one of the many lagoons that was a perfect depth of 1 foot and a lovely temperature.
We saw a lot of people fishing but no fish being caught.



HaBonim 2-5492
The shipwreck!
HaBonim 2-5519
A great place to watch the sun set!
Our nice secluded camp!


The next beach was near Caesaria and it is noteworthy because a Roman aqueduct runs right along the beach creating a very unique setting. The aqueduct was built by King Herod to supply water to the Roman seaport of Caesaria from the foot of Mt Carmel, near present day Haifa. The beach runs for miles along the coast and is a lovely romantic stroll (or run). There are not many places in the world you can smoke hookah in a 2,000 year old Roman Archway.


The third beach was not really a beach but the sea caves of Rosh HaNikra, which are right on the border with Lebanon. The caves are a whiter than white (i.e. Matt’s tan or lack thereof) chalkstone and limestone that has been sculpted by the sea over the ages to a depth of nearly 200 meters. To access the caves you take a gondola from the cliffs down to the sea.

Rosh Hynikra-6247Rosh Hynikra-6265

Once at the sea you can walk around and explore the various caves and grottos, which were very photogenic with some amazingly colorful lichen on the rocks.

Rosh Hynikra-6278Rosh Hynikra-6284Rosh Hynikra-6336Rosh Hynikra-6437Rosh Hynikra-6464Rosh Hynikra-6467Rosh Hynikra-6474Rosh Hynikra-6530Rosh Hynikra-6542

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  1. Bob says:

    Now that’s an adventure I could get into, except the gondola ride that is! Beautiful pics. Love Bob and Zack


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