Quick Stop: Pura Nature Reserve

Quick Stop: Pura Nature Reserve.

A fun side trip from Tel Aviv is a  local nature reserve just outside of town called Pura Nature Reserve.  We heard the wildflowers were starting to bloom and this park boasts a large population of the national flower, the anemone.  The anemone looks especially beautiful because of its bright red pedals that look amazing against the green grasses and desert sands.  The park is also home to ruins of an old bridge from the Turkish railroad of WWI.  Apparently there are also ruins from an ancient town….we failed to find them…..but we did find some flowers! (Disclaimer, these photos were taken on two different days, when we drove by the park a second time, I couldn’t help but stop for a peek and there were even more flowers than the first time!)


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  1. Soquel says:

    I am really enjoying Israel via Kelley! Fun to think wildflowers are hallowing outside of California.


  2. Bob says:

    Desolate yet beautiful


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