BONUS BLOG! (Super Bowl)

As kinda sorta promised, here is a second post for the week (insert the rejoicing cheers of our moms)!!  We will take a quick trip back in time to a very special event.


I know this a little late, but never late than never, right!?  So….SUPER BOWL….yeah, go American Football!  Well, Matt and I know very little and care very little about most sports….BUT our roommate Josh is from BOULDER….so he’s a YUUGGEEEEE Denver fan!  His excitement alone made us excited for the Super Bowl and willing to provide some emotional support on the big night.  IMG_0515

A week or so before the big night, Josh identified the bar we should go watch at and figured out what time we needed to get there for kick-off.  Math isn’t my strong suit….but however the time difference worked out – the game would start at 2 AM Sunday night.  With the funky work week here, our Sunday is the equivalent to an American Monday….so the game would be at 2AM on a “school night” after the boys already worked all day!  YOLO (Matt: For you not in the know (i.e. me))…we’re up for the challenge!

The bar recommended Josh get there early for a good seat, So I think he left around 11pm and saved us some seats.  Around midnight, he called and said he was “feeling the heat” for saving our seats so we set off to join in the festivities.  Josh selected Mike’s Place as our prime watching spot – it is the “American” bar in Tel Aviv and right on the beach.  Unfortunately, at 2am, there isn’t much beach to enjoy….oh well. IMG_0516

So Tel Aviv is truly a city that doesn’t sleep and walking down to the beach at midnight felt a lot like walking down to the beach at a more normal time…..people were out, stores were open….life as usual.  We got to the bar, found Josh, and assumed our positions for kick-off.  Considering my lack of football knowledge….I don’t really know what happened after that….we had beer….french fries….quesadillas….cried at the Budweiser puppy ad…fell asleep at the table for the 4th quarter….. and then the game was over…..and Denver WON!  Josh was REALLY excited!  We made it home around 5:30AM.  (Josh was too excited to sit still for a picture)IMG_0514

The next day, the boys worked from home… 

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  1. Bob says:

    That’s my kind of watching, who cares about the game😀

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