A weekend at Farm Camp!

While Matt was away, I did manage to do some fun things too!

But first, some back story…When I woke up my first day in the Cal Poly dorms to a dying rooster alarm clock, I knew I’d met a special friend!  “COCKaaaaaaDOOOOoooooDddlllllDDDDoooooooo”.

Alissa was my first and best roommate!  She grew up on a dairy farm in Ferndale and knew everything  about anything “farm”. She was the best (and only) person I knew who had done FFA (which I only knew anything about because of Napolean Dynamite)!  I had the pleasure of sharing 5 wonderful years under the same roof with Alissa!  She tolerated (and continues to tolerate) endless questions about milking cows, raising chickens, growing vegetables, how long a whole cow could feed an average family, and so much more!  She supplied us with farm-fresh meat anytime she went home for break and the best organic vegetables EVER from her family’s farm in Pepperwood!!

Since graduating, it’s always been a highlight to spend time in Ferndale visiting Alissa and her family!  I live-out my dreams of being a farm girl and living off the land….an insane amount of hard, dirty, and endless work that I’d never actually survive for more than a week…but always enjoy for a long weekend!  I’m sure Alissa couldn’t tolerate all my ridiculous and usually pretty stupid farm related questions for much longer either 😉

Some highlights from my most recent weekend at farm camp….

1) The Pigs!!  These lovely pigs are almost ready to make their debut as bacon, pork chops, and ribs…

What I learned:  I think pigs are cute, they seriously love mud, they are very loud and messy eaters, and they really like whoever brings their food!


AND Mama Pig!  Gene (Alissa’s dad) has a big heart and a soft spot for animals – he told me all about how this lady is the BEST pig-mom EVER!  Apperantly it’s especially good of moms to not sit on their babies. She is gearing up to have her last litter!

2) The Ferndale Christmas Tree Lighting!  This is “America’s Tallest Living Christmas Tree”!  The whole town comes out for it!  I also enjoyed a tour of the Gingerbread Mansion – a VERY unique bed and breakfast in the heart of Ferndale! 

3) Baby Ducks!  Oh man, baby animals are always cute but these suckers were especially cute and INSANELY soft!!!  I want one… 

4) Ag Teacher Holiday Party!  Alissa teaches high school agriculture and FFA for Eureka High School -bless her heart!  It takes a VERY special person to teach Ag/FFA and I had the pleasure of spending an evening with a houseful of these crazy teachers from all the local high schools!  There’s never a dull moment with these folks and conversations are quite entertaining! 

5) Games with Wynema!  If you want to be schooled at any game ever invented, then you should head on over to Grandma Wynema’s!  We had the pleasure of playing Word Yatzee!!!  She schooled me!  Did I mention she’s 90 years old?!?

6) Last but not least!! A BABY COW!! The night before I left, Gene pointed out a cow in the “maternity field” who was close to giving birth. Gene agreed to take me out there to watch but before we knew it, it was out!  He was a cute little sucker and all the other momma cows in the field came by to great him.  He was so cute!

A few more…slightly older baby cows…

Patricia the Panda Cow

Wide Snout Sally

Feugative Franny (she escaped from her cage)

Brown Cow Betty

The view from the kitchen sink…gotta keep an eye on the operation!
 Well that wraps up the weekend at farm camp!!  Thanks for a fun weekend Sarvinski Farms!!  Can’t wait to visit again!

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