While the Matt’s Away…

So as some of you may have noticed, Matt’s doing all sorts of cool stuff without me!!  What the heck!?  Well, I thought it might be fun to give you a glimps into my home life while Matt’s gone….

I’ve learned some valuable things about myself over the past month … Mainly that I truly function as a much more productive human when Matt is home – probably because he’s always productive …really, ALWAYS – thank God he comes back next week… Some of these things aren’t headed in a pretty direction.

1) I hate doing dishes…but I also only produce a fraction of the dishes compared to when I’m #feedingmattdavis.  I can’t say I’m proud of the mess…but it can wait till tomorrow….or next Friday when Matt comes home…. 

2) If it weren’t for Matt, I’d definitely be a crazy cat lady….it doesn’t help that Franklin is the cutest cat in the world….(case and point)…  

 Oh, did I just take three pictures that look essentially identical?!  Yeah…because it turns out I take way too many pictures of Frank and at the end of the day they all look the same and he is still a cat…I need a baby…

3) I still only sleep on one side of the bed…but I do have a convenient place to keep my water and notepad since we sold our bedside tables… Making the bed has followed suit with not doing the dishes…

4) I stay up way to late!  I fully accept that Matt brings a VERY important level of structure and discipline to my life!!   What was once a pretty firm 10:30 bedtime has become….”mehhh I’ve got time for one more episode of  Jane the Virgin…”…And 29 episodes later, I’m ALLLLL caught up…

oh, did I just manage to get another picture of Franklin into this post?!

5) I think I might get this Hebrew business down! I do enjoy my daily lessons – shalom! Nah eem meyod!

well, that will do it for now…stay tuned for a post from my weekend at Farm Camp and more on how I stay busy while Matt’s away….I swear I’ve left the house and done SOMETHING productive while he’s been gone.

Ya’la Bye! (<— “well then bye!”)

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  1. edavis1951 says:

    Love it Kelley……had a great laugh this morning and I needed it!



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  2. coldie42 says:

    You can still be a crazy cat lady with a baby. Give it time.


  3. coldie42 says:

    You can still be crazy cat lady with a child. Give it time….

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